About Edmund Hardy / Namida Red

Edmund Hardy / Namida Red is a writer and filmmaker of mixed Japanese-British heritage. He published a book of experimental philology, Complex Crosses (Contraband Books, 2014), and writes regularly on politics and poetry for Tribune and other publications. His films — the most recent being ‘A Field of Islands’ (2020) and ‘Red Moon Journey’ (2021) — combine animation, documentary, and dream-like narrative. Every Cruel Thing (Monitor Books, 2021) is his first collection of poetry.

Contact: edmundhardy@hotmail.com /  Instagram / Linktree


eh red

I make experimental films which focus on the idea of ‘negative worlds’ – moments of queer communal life, play and performance which bring to light diverse searches for another world. 

My poetry is focused on voices within the self and echo, pop song, queerness and how being mixed race plays out in lyric language. My collection Every Cruel Thing was published by Monitor Books in 2021.

I’ve also written about poetry and politics for Jacobin and Tribune magazines. My academic research focuses on language, race and capitalism.

At the moment I am editing a 70 minute film which combines film essay, wild sci-fi diversions, friendship, animation and protest – the first full iteration of Negative Worlds.


Other projects include collaborating on podcasts about politics and poetry; queerness and sci fi; a cinema night; and a small press.