I trained in documentary before later making film-poems composed from photographs and narration. I began developing these into hybrid essay/dramas, which extended into short films driven by narration and recurring appearances from characters who began to take on a deeper reality.

I’m now working on a longer 70 min film called ‘Negative Worlds’, which will push these methods further.


Selected Short Films


Red Moon Journey (2021)

Combines footage made with friends in London, Sheffield and Shanghai, with line drawn animation overlays and a soundtrack by Florence Warner and Lupa Lari of vocal improvisation and instrumental refrains. A journey into space, or circling round again?
Screened at F(r)ictions / London Short Film Festival 21st January 2022

Nine Poems (2021)

A poem-reading performance film made for ‘Murmur’ reading series in February 2021. 


A Field of Islands (2020)

A dream-like short about the desire to find ‘negative islands’ from which the world might be unmade. Nisha Ramayya plays ‘S’, who circles between lime kiln tunnels, observation decks high above a future city, and the London clubbing scene.

field of islands nisha


SK Delivery (2020)

A short film set in the future. After the blossom wars, a lost figure travels from Japan to Shanghai II and then to the English Midlands on a solidarity mission, but it ends in the hills, beneath the thistles.



The End In Itself (2019)

They’re stealing roses, and they’ve formed a gang to destroy time. They’re finding a way to make it without you.



Under Chronicles of Sleep (2019)

A meditation on study, race, absurdity and endless returns.



3 x YOKAI (2019)

An anthology of three short interconnected scenarios – makeshift living room theatre; science fiction fantasies of self-healing; and a turn either to study of the industrial revolution or to sorcerers. These are characters in search of another world within this one.



Everyday I Don’t (2019)

Everyday the same thing happens, until it doesn’t. A circuit of ritual and fish flags, filmed in one continuous shot.



In Production

Negative Worlds

A mosaic film projected to be 70 mins. Prefiguration, restlessness of play and study and protest: a search for the negative of this world.


Music Video

Dancearound (2019)


Music video for lupa lari.

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AVOU 19 (2019)


One weekend in the summer of 2019 – a record of AVOU dance music festival.  


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