Podcasts, talks and interviews on economics, poetry, politics and queer sci-fi.

Sicko Mode – Marxist Economics and Covid-19

Joined Siyang and Joe at Sicko Mode to discuss Marxist economics, Covid capitalism and global slump vs growth in China. Nov, 2020.

(Anti)-Fascism and Poetry

‘Laurel and Edmund discuss contemporary fascism and poetry. We discuss the conditions which make writing poetry possible, and ask: What is an anti-fascist position and what does it require us to do? How is contemporary global fascism distinct and how does it relate to stages of capitalism?’

Race And Poetry

Laurel and Edmund co-host a new podcast called ‘Shed’. In episode 1 they discuss poetry and politics with Dorothy Wang and Nisha Ramayya.

Art’s Emancipatory Promise Commodified But Also Recast

Recording from a talk and conversation on art and commodification. Oct, 2019.

Oil’s Well That Ends Well

Discussing petro-capitalism and unprecendent negative prices on ‘the number one communist quarantine podcast’ Sicko Mode. April, 2020.

Say When

Join Edmund, Derawan, Kay and mysterious others as they navigate the queer time vortex of Doctor Who’s Thirteenth Incarnation.