Theatre / Live Cinema

I have adapted and translated Nō and Kyogen plays as Poets’ Theatre and live cinema within a context of diasporic Japanese audiences. I’m interested in how this can explore the production of ongoing images of Japanese tradition.

Picture Book of the Taiko

An ongoing formation of live cinema and poets theatre performances and recordings.

Nō and Kyogen plays

I have translated and adapted a series of Japanese Nō and Kyogen plays, staged at events as Poets Theatre – collaboratively, in the round, and semi-improvised. Plays performed include Sumida River, The Princess With Unruly Hair, Kaminari, Cherry Tree Bites Back, Ghost Warrior Atsumori.

Selected No / Kyogen performances: Tent (London, 2016), Electric Arc Furnace (Sheffield, 2017), HI Zero (Brighton, 2017), Contraband (London, 2017), The Other Room (Manchester, 2018), Rivet (London, 2018).

Other Work

An ongoing project with Nisha Ramayya around rituals, translation, diasporas – the first performance from which was ‘Am I the Cow or the Cow Pasture that You Set Me Free?’ (87 Press launch event, London, 2018).

An early summer communal garden performance of Anne Washburn’s ‘Mr Burns, a Post Electric Play’ in 2019, co-organised with Annie McDermott.